Our MLC Art Enterprise is an online gallery, providing a platform for artists within our College community to showcase their work and sell original pieces online.

Aligning with our College Values; Integrity, Mastery, Enterprise and Justice, the Art Enterprise is a space for our established and budding artists to flourish together.

The Enterprise supports the principles of MLC’s Walton Leadership Institute, to enhance leadership development through opportunities that inspire and motivate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can purchase art?

Anyone, MLC community member or otherwise, are welcome to purchase art from this online gallery.

Who can sell art?

Any member of the MLC community, including current students, parents and staff members, as well as former students and staff members.

What types of artwork do we exhibit?

We accept artwork across a range of media. These include painting, printmaking, sculpture, jewellery, ceramic, drawing, photography, textiles (but not clothing).

How does the Enterprise work?

Artists are invited to sign up and submit their work for sale on our Art Enterprise.

Collectors can browse art online and sign up to purchase pieces through the online gallery.

Once a piece of art has been purchased and the payment has been processed, the artist will contact the collector to arrange the collection or delivery of the piece.


With so many talented artists within our College community, the Enterprise allows us to showcase this multitude of creative talent.

Our online gallery is an inclusive, perpetual exhibition space that is not bound by our artists’ or collectors’ location in the world.

How does the Enterprise support Art at MLC?

The Enterprise will not only support our art community by creating a virtual exhibition area, a 25 per cent commission from each sale will be provided to the College.

Proceeds will go towards MLC art purchases which will inspire future generations of artists, as well as artist residencies and other art related activities for MLC at the discretion of the MLC Art Collection Committee.